Social Media Footprint

My experience this semester has been an interesting one. I have learnt that it is good to keep your social media accounts consistent and similar so that it is easier to find you. As well as the more stuff you have online the easier it is to find yourself. 

I plan to continue to use LinkedIn and Behance a lot more in the future. I’m going to try to continue to blog from time to time. 


Behance is an easy to use file-sharing site that is both free and professional. On Behance the user is able to select their own copyright settings and is able to connect their account to various other platforms, such as, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr. With Behance people are able to upload their photos in albums which can be used as a portfolio and also find jobs on the site.

There are many different well-known photographers who use Behance such as, Tom Hussey, Emily Soto, and Aaron Nace. All three photographers have different but similar styles, Tom Hussey does a lot of advertisements, Emily Soto does a lot of fantasy portraits, and Aaron Nace does a lot of digital retouching.

Promotional Video – Coava Coffee

Today in class we analyzed the production quality, story, and emotions of a promotional video. The video we analyzed was one for Coava Coffee.

In terms of the production quality I felt like the professional. The lighting was done very well, it felt like the lighting for a coffee shop which gave the video a welcoming feel. I felt like at times the music felt a bit too loud, however, overall it didn’t take anything away from the video and it still sounded pretty good.

I felt like there was a minimal story for this video. I felt like they could have told more of a story about their coffee shop. But the little story that they did have to tell they told well.

I didn’t feel like the video had too much emotion that you could connect to. However, I feel like they tried very hard to make an emotional connection but it’s just difficult to do when not everyone is a coffee person. I’m sure though they still managed to make a connection to quite a few people.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Manroe

Today I researched the English fashion, portrait, and war photographer Cecil Beaton. I learnt that he is the one to have photographed some of the famous Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn photos. He was knighted in 1972 and worked with Vogue for 30 years.

This is my favourite photo from today because Marilyn Monroe is such a beautiful and wonderful woman and I love that he captured mid laugh.

For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cecil-Beaton/184407841769195?fref=ts

Tweet Deck!

My group researched Tweet Deck which is a desktop application to view tweets and tweet. There are different columns within the app such as Home, Notifications, Messages, Activity, and users. 

People can use the Home column to see their timeline and everyone they follow’s tweets.

Notifications is where people can see their interactions, such as mentions, retweets, favourites, and new followers.

Messages is where people can see their direct messages.

Activity is where people can see what their followers are doing, such as following people.

Finally, users is where people can have just a separate column for individual people.